Local and State Government

Raj Technologies Inc. has been assisting State and Local Government agencies on an ongoing basis since its inception 20 years ago. These agencies have found that Infosys is qualified to help them improve their performance in a variety of technical and business process areas.

In terms of special government procurement qualifications, Infosys is certified as a minority owned business in the states of New York, Texas, Maryland, Virginia and Illinois.

A highlight of our State and Local Government experience is our participation on the State of New York’s Payroll System Project. As a subcontractor to Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), we worked on the project to design, develop, implement and maintain a new Payroll system for the State of New York. This project was begun in 1996 and the system, which uses Peoplesoft application software, was successfully implemented in 1998. The system continues to be used to pay the State’s 250,000 employees, and Accenture and RTI have continued to maintain and enhance the system over the past 2-½ years.

RTI provided personnel who performed Peoplesoft system integration services, Oracle database management services, and IBM RS/6000 system administration services. Infosys personnel were able to work together with the Accenture personnel who provided overall project management and team members who are specialists in government operations, payroll processing and Peoplesoft application software customization.

RTI has also worked as a prime contractor in providing application development, database and systems management services for New York States’ Department of Social Services, Department of Tax and Finance and Department of Civil Services.

We have also worked with other major system integrators in serving our State and Local Government clients. For example, we have worked on Child Welfare Projects with Lockheed Martin in the states of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and with Deloitte and Touche in the state of New Hampshire.