IIIntranet is a web-based Business to Employee and Employee to Employee communication tool developed by Infosys International Inc. It provides a modern, flexible and fun to use way for business leaders to communicate with their employees, and for employees to communicate with each other.
The foundation of IIIntranet is a web-based repository of company policies, procedures and communication tools and contact lists that is easy to update and is readily available to all employees. In addition, IIIntranet has features for employees to provide feedback and questions to the company’s executive team and human resource professionals. It also provides capabilities for posting broadcast announcements, short training topics, and personal interest stories. It can be linked to the company’s corporate web site and email system and other information repositories and communication resources.
IIIntranet is offered as both a hosted application (for small companies) or as licensed software implemented at a company’s site. Infosys International is prepared to provide implementation services and ongoing maintenance services to support the quick and trouble-free set-up and use of the system at reasonable cost.
For more information please visit http://www.iiintranet.com