BluePearl is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that enables maintenance of detailed information about donors, referrals, community members and all other participants and the history of their relations with the organization. Through its sophisticated search functionalities, it enables targeted communication for promotion of events and services.
BluePearl also provides features to efficiently manage internal operations such as human resources and volunteer management, literature and promotional resource management, event scheduling and mail tracking.
The application includes 11 core functional modules.
Master is the main module, which is used to maintain detailed information about individuals that somehow have been involved with the organization. This includes the contact information, the affiliation with the organization, membership information, financial transactions and history of correspondence with this individual. The Master module features Task Monitoring, which notifies users of scheduled tasks once they login. It also directs users to the appropriate areas of the application where they have to complete the task they select from their task list.
Grants are resources available to support activities and events that are relevant to the cause of the not-for-profit organization such as scholarships, training or research. The application process and the tracking of grant utilization are managed through this module.
The Donors module is used to maintain information about donors that directly help the organization by providing financial support. Detailed profiles of these donors are stored in order to better target promotions or fund raising efforts.
Awards that are given to individuals or organizations for recognition of their support or contribution are tracked using the related module. This helps maintain information about all awards, nominees, nominators, finalists and winners.
Events and Activities
Not-For-Profit organizations arrange various Events and Activities in order to raise funds or create awareness about their cause. The related module helps in managing these events or activities by maintaining the basic information such as location, duration, sponsors etc. It is also used for event scheduling and maintaining information about people who contribute to these events (i.e. speakers, guests etc.).
Mail Tracking
The Mail Tracking module is used in order to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional efforts that concentrate on mailed materials. This provides feedback for creating cost effective campaigns and promotional channels.
Information and Materials
The Information and Materials Library module is designed to keep an inventory of various promotional, educational or other resources that may be used to provide information about the not-for-profit organization.
Information Referral Service
Using the Information Referral Services module non-profit organizations can manage the way they provide information to the public using their free or paid resources such as articles, promotional items, videos, books or magazines.
Employees module
Non-profit organizations can manage their employees and human resources related functions using the Employees module. This module provides the tools to track employment histories, salaries, benefits and leaves of internal staff.
Volunteers are vital resources for not-for-profit organizations. The related module helps tracking volunteers that contribute to internal functions as well as in events and activities.
Photo Database
The photo database helps maintain a searchable inventory of digital images for events, publications and promotions. It provides the ability to store digital images in various resolutions with thumbnails and real size versions for efficient viewing. It also features descriptions, sources and keywords which can be used to search images.
Query Builder
The system also includes search and reporting features that are used to retrieve data and information for strategic decision-making and various operations.
The Query Builder, which is seen below, is a comprehensive tool that enables users to create detailed queries on all fields of the database. It provides flexibility in defining the output and search criteria by giving the option to select fields from the database and to specify search conditions on these fields.
For commonly used or frequently needed queries users can save and share their search criteria. On the other hand, users can utilize any number of filters to refine their queries and improve their search results.
It enables the output of search results in different formats and creation of predefined reports using these result sets. The system also generates financial and statistical reports in tabular, list or graphical formats and enables automatic letter, form and label printing. Other important features are bulk and individual e-mail messaging as well as bulk data updates based on query results.
The major advantage of BluePearl is the wide spectrum of functionality it provides in contrast to other products in the market. It brings together most of the functions a not-for-profit organization would require in one package. While current products concentrate on specific functionalities such as accounting, donor management or mail tracking, BluePearl integrates these in one application to present an end-to-end solution.