Government Sector Clients

Here are samples about what we have done or what we are currently doing for our government sector clients;
Nassau County Department of Health and Human Services
Raj Technologies Inc played an integral role in a major document imaging and indexing project completed for New York’s Nassau County Department of Health and Human Services. Document imaging is the process of converting paper documents or files into a digital form, and indexing is the process of assigning important items of information to the document to be used for retrieval purposes. During this project over 25 million documents were prepared and separated to the client’s standards, then scanned, inspected for visual quality using the latest tools for image cleanup and conversion, and integrated into their new system. This allows DHHS employees to search for images of original documents based on the client’s name, type of file, type of case, etc. An interface was created with the existing system to allow access to files based on the user’s rights controlled by the client. Aside from reducing the amount of storage space necessary for the physical documents, this allowed quicker and more efficient retrieval of necessary files, and improved access of the documents between multiple users and locations.
The Defense Logistic Agency
As a partner of Andersen Consulting, Raj Technologies is providing consulting services to the Defense Logistic Agency, which is a division of the Department of Defense. The "Business Systems Modernization Project" that we are involved in, will integrate and automate the supply chain systems and will link defense suppliers, government agencies and military customers. The solution that will be delivered is expected to be one of the largest integrated supply chain systems ever created.
U.S. Army
We currently provide software consulting services for the U.S. Army and support the customized implementation of our online Time and Billing Application, i-Timesheet.
U.S. Navy
Raj Technologies is a supplier of hardware and software products for the U.S. Navy. We provide computer systems, network and storage equipment and application and system software from various vendors like HP, Cisco and Microsoft.
Health and Hospital Corporation of New York City
We deliver software, networking and systems integration services for hospitals, nursing homes and emergency services of the Health and Hospital Corporation.
New York City Board of Education
Raj Technologies is responsible for developing the architecture of a Web enabled Decision Support System, which will be used to evaluate the performance of the education system in New York City.
Air National Guard, Andrews Air Force Base, Randolph Air Force Base
We provide these organizations with computer systems, storage and network equipment from HP, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, Cisco, StorageTek and Microsoft software products.
New York State Department of Social Services
We were responsible of the analysis, design, development and maintenance of a Decision Support System that is integrated with the Social Security Administration's National Disability Determination System in Baltimore, MD.
Suffolk County
Computer system upgrade and enhancement, and application development for County Clerks Office and Telecommunications Department.
BOCES, Sayville Public Schools, Smithtown School District, East Hampton High School, Harborfields Central School District
We were involved with these organizations as their vendor of Networking System Design, Installation, support and user training services.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
We provided Oracle database and application development, maintenance, conversion and technical writing services for the regionalization of DFAS's personnel services.
Nassau County Department of Social Services
We developed an application to create and share a database among administrative units and vendors providing employment services to Social Services clients.