This website has been developed by Raj Technologies Inc (RTI) formaly Infosys International as a public service to the citizens and businesses of New York State. This is our effort to try unify New York State businesses as a team, working together to support the Department of Homeland Security in protecting our nation, and also bring some of the billions of tax dollars invested back home to New York.

Visit the Homeland Security Resources page to read about the Department of Homeland Security, and what is being done by the Federal Government and New York State to ensure your security in a post-9/11 world.

The DHS Solicitations section of this site allows local organizations, within New York State, to contribute their expertise towards the protection of our homeland against future terror attacks. This page allows companies from within various sectors of the industry tap into these procurement opportunities with the newly created Department of Homeland Security.

We encourage you to help us keep our homeland safe, and join our initiative. Thank you for your support!

Please note this site is NOT affiliated with any official state office, and is a private initiative.