Digital Disruption reshapes Education.


Fabricating the way for the next generation, as we know, and accounting that the education industry is in the prime hour of taking giant leaps in technology implementation and adaptation. Schools, colleges, and universities are acquiring modern technologies, granting students access to a more refined and ambient learning experience. Professional institutions are employing digitization to augment member learning and efficacy. Hence transforming the word "Hard Work" to a much better "Smart Work." RTI has leveraged cutting-edge state of the art technologies for personalized learning via systems integration, software development, web-based application development, web site design and maintenance, networking services, and other IT solutions for the education industry. Since 1992, we have empowered educational establishments, providing these a future next-gen proof digital learning environment for their students to realize their potential while keeping costs at a relatively affordable level.


RTI has also played an essential role for the 'New York area universities" to develop and deploy strategic production applications using Microsoft and Oracle technologies. RTI has also designed, developed, and implemented a web portal and credentials tracking system that allows the ship-board Maritime cadets to access course and Certification progress-tracking information for a local College. The developed application was also integrated with the College, core production module application. Along with that, RTI has also helped another local educational institution to implement an online Student Evaluation System that was architected by RTI consultants and enabled the institution to receive a "Smithsonian award".


Since 1992, RTI has enabled educators to think big with up to date technologies and disrupt the learning curve, yet providing a very student and teacher-friendly learning platform.
So, let's get connected. If you're looking to partner with a local IT support company that has an efficient integration of both knowledge and experience to manage and assist or advise your cyclic technological challenges. In that case, We are always willing and happy to respond to any queries you may have regarding our company or the services we offer. Helping the Educational institutes to help youth for a better future is one of our main principles. Client satisfaction is in the best of our interest.