The Inception, The foundation Pillar

Big things often have small beginnings; that was the guiding principle and passion of Mr. Raj Mehra. After earning two undergraduate degrees from India, he came to the United States with a dream to study and work in the 1980s. Attaining a Computer Science degree from the University of Maryland. Soon enough, with his passion and skill, he started his journey by working for the aerospace giant "Grumman" in data systems, in parentheses under the New York state welfare management systems. Later he became a very accomplished consultant for the GDSI. After working there for a considerable amount of time, his childhood vision struck. Which was to change the world in the tiniest form, so he could make society a better place by finding ethical solutions to the challenges in life. He decided to take a calculative risk by leaving his secure and well-paying job at "Grumman. and putting everything at stake in 1986. Mr. Mehra always had a vision of creating and advancing; therefore. he founded Raj Technologies Inc (RTI), formerly known as Infosys International, then began his triumphal journey with anticipation and courage in his heart. He was confident in his brave endeavours. Utilizing his passion and morals as a beacon to guide him through the uncertainty of the business world. he set out to make a fortune for himself. The company operated from one of the bedrooms in Mr. Raj's home with a single computer and two floppy discs with 64k memory in the early stages. That implies we just need to work hard, honestly. with high integrity to succeed. And thus, accelerating the growth that built the foundation of RTI.

Lift off, The second Pillar

Our business proliferated, with a firm footing in New York. From being IT consultants in New York, our company moved to a new establishment of a 14,000-square-foot building in Plainview, New York. At this Headquarters, we quickly established a co-working space in unison with LISTnet., and Stony Brook University's CEWIT, where our CEO offers mentorship to 19+ small startup tech companies. Our company got listed as one of the Inc. 500 companies in the USA. Soon we became the fastest growing company in the Long Island region, twice in a row. Our biggest achievement was when in our starting years we secured a NASIC ordering agreement with the US Airforce.


After more than 3 decades of providing large public-sector organizations with sync IT solutions. Today, we own a 14.000-square-foot headquarters building in Plainview. New York We are now bringing out our expertise and spreading out to the commercial and private sectors. Along with a subtle fast forward to the present day. RTI is now a mature. full-fledged IT Consulting. Staffing and recruitment Services and Systems Integration firm well established in the markets served by the company. As we have expanded our services, we provide a full system integrator and supply technology and engineering resources to support virtually any business initiative. We are a highly-qualified IT systems integrator with specialties in mission-critical areas, having helped many prime contractors in this capacity. We are proud to offer the very latest in web. mobile, and cloud technologies. Today. at RTI we are continuously developing and deploying its capacity to provide the right people. right services, and products to our clients. We offer integrated services to our clients such as Systems Integration, Supply Chain Management (SCM). QA/testing, Applications Development, website development, web apps/portals, Drupal CMS. mobile apps, Oracle and Microsoft database solutions along with Cloud services, Staffing and Recruiting. Our Headquarter is the center for LISTnet's initiative of building an Information Technology incubation center. (since our HQ's establishment- 1999) a unique and cozy co-working space for new IT companies to work in symbiosis named "Digital ballpark." Asa joint project of LISTnet, Stony Brook University's CEWIT (Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology), and RTI. We have held and maintained Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certifications over the years. along with contracting vehicles in several government companies and statutes in the country: with a solid track record of over 3 decades. Contact us to find out the particular states that we contract in.

Raj Technology Incorporated is a highly regarded and awarded Result oriented national company based in New York, offering innovative IT solutions and computing services.

Our core values include a pledge to provide the best in class, updated, cost-effective and innovative help to the clients that are fully aligned with meeting their expectations and satisfaction.

  • Included twice in “Inc. 500” as one of the 500 fastest-growing, privately held companies in the United States.
  • Top 10 Asian/American Business” Award in New York at New York Times Conference Center.
  • Named “The Fastest Growing Company” on Long Island for two years in a row.
  • Top Software Winner - Long Island Software Award

Raj Mehta
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Raj Technologies Inc.

Mr. Raj Mehta, a charismatic leader, is also a certified mentor by the State of New York. He is exceptionally passionate about businesses and shares his knowledge and experience to support new ventures, a valuable pillar that most start-ups need today. He is also nicknamed as the 'start-up prodigy.' Mr. Mehta's glowing career has spanned more than 40 years in the information technology industry. With 40+ years of glorious experience, including information system design, development, reengineering, and migration activities for Fortune 500 companies, local, state, and federal government agencies and educational institutions and non-profit organizations. His excellence can be observed as he has been multiply awarded, one of his latest achievements is being awarded the "Small Business Person of the Year 2020" award in the whole of Atlantic region and many more.

Mr. Mehta is also a producer and a host of a talk show called "Interviews That Matter with Raj Mehta," which airs on ITV/ITV GOLD on prime time Thursday at 6:30 pm. For this successful and unique Television venture "Interviews That Matter with Raj Mehta" has been named "People to Watch" in technology two years in a row by Newsday. Here, he interviews elected officials, policymakers, heads of major organizations, and other dignitaries.