Recruitment and Staffing

Unity in diversity.
Long-term planning and integration of people from different age groups and ethnic backgrounds will help you reach your desired goal.
At RTI, we provide our customers with a diversified staff, highly skilled and efficient that helps create clarity and energy in a variety of fields; including information technology, finance and legal, education, office services, light industrial, and healthcare. In this era of highly qualified professionals, finding the perfect blend in an employee that has a great skill set for a particular opportunity can be challenging. With a diverse database of more than 25,000 employees. We help your company define and solve specific staffing needs and requirements by our research and let it meet your expectations. Allowing you to have the time and freedom to let you do what your company does best: focus on its core business and add an important contribution to society.
RTI ensures a high level 3P process — pinpoint method approach to selecting and sourcing a candidate. Each stage has a number of components and activities including candidate generation, candidate processing and candidate presentation. 
General Staffing
We offer a wide selection of services, connecting dots close to 425 plus associates, with over 50 clients annually. For over 3 decades, we have been working with the top talents with general skills to our clients' needs and expectations in both the Official and Industrial sectors. Our efficient and unique recruitment process will provide you with flexible, customized solutions in contingent, temporary, contract-based, non-contract based, temp-to-perm, and direct hire/permanent placements with a skill set that your company can benefit with.
At RTI, one of our core values has always been providing administrative support services in the following job categories: Administrative Assistants, Clerks, Executive Secretaries, Data Entry Operators, Secretaries, and more, thus providing your company a strong foundation to ensure growth and stability in the future.
Professional Staffing
Professional staffing comes with time, knowledge of our client needs, and current market trends. At RTI, Whenever our clients require a specific set of professional skills, we make sure they know that we completely understand their needs and requirements. Along with that, we make sure our associates can seamlessly represent their best interests and career development needs that are required. For our clients, we are regarded as partner consulting in all phases of the associates' development lifecycle, delivering customized and unique solutions to meet their needs and expectation for the best talent. 
Our expert services include :
·         Information Technology
·         Finance and Legal
·         Education
·         Healthcare
·         Disaster Recovery
.          Executive Research
.          Engineering PEs
At Raj Technologies, our proven experience, client testimonials, and extensive resources, along with the integrated HR solutions, enable us to connect our client to the right and deserving candidates when, and only when, required.
Office Staffing
For a successful operation, any establishment's operational and technological systems need efficient and dynamic human resources to operate on them effortlessly and to be able to make well use of their potential to their full capacity. Partnering with a generalized recruitment firm would only make your task more slow and inefficient to find the right selection, from the flow of personnel, shortlisted, and sent to your HR office. Our decades of industry experience has led us to team up with the right resources and the right people over time. We have enthusiastically geared up to supply the best talent that is well trained, certified, and are the best fit for your business and provide value to your company.
At RTI, we offer reliable and highly motivated, experienced manpower who come with industry-specific knowledge and skills to evaluate and solve the short-term and long-term staffing challenges that our clients encounter in day-to-day work-flow.
We understand the needs of our clients, candidates and associates, enabling us to make the right match. With years of experience in matching personnel and technical skills, we are able to offer our clients customized office solutions at any level of their organization.