Raj Technologies Inc (RTI) formerly Infosys International began in 1986, formed by our CEO Raj Mehta, as many start-ups do, from Raj’s home. The business grew quickly, incorporating in New York State in 1990 . . . and, today, we own our 14,000-square-foot headquarters building in Plainview, New York. From this facility, we have marketed Information Technology, as a full systems integrator, products and services to public-sector (local, state, and federal) customers as well as commercial, utility, and transportation-sector clients. While we started serving the mainframe communities and have transformed along with rapidly developing IT trends over the last 30 years to offer the very latest in web, mobile, and cloud technologies.
Our Vision
To help our clients meet their goals through our people, services and solutions.
Our Mission
Raj Technologies Inc. is dedicated to providing the people, services and solutions our clients need to meet their information technology challenges and business goals.
  • Work to understand the needs and requirements of our clients before proposing a solution
  • Develop responsive proposals that provide cost-effective solutions to our clients needs
  • Deploy the right mix of people and products to deliver value-added services and solutions to our clients
  • Follow-up on the quality of our services and solutions to our clients
  • Appreciate the trust that our clients put in us as we work with them to improve their business and information technology.