Business and IT Consulting

We offer hands-on solutions for operational, staffing and recruitment, and digital goals.


At RTI, we help business executives and leaders follow-up efficiently to present-day challenges and assist them in overcoming them. The refreshing technological trends and advancements are driving businesses to transform the way they used to work, switching from traditional documentation processes to digitizing it and integrating Business and IT Consulting. Thus, providing security and less human resources. To seamlessly blend into this practice, companies require a sounding board and a digital partner who guides and assists through valuable suggestions, enabling them to succeed through their operations, technologies, and esteemed employees. 


We recognize our responsibilities as we research and gather information about our client base. Therefore we work our best to offer hands-on solutions for operational, staffing and recruitment, and digital goals to match/exceed clients' expectations and standards. With our digital expertise, along with algorithmic thinking, we offer integrated methodologies and workflow strategies for business transformation and provide direction. We have helped some of the leading Fortune 500 firms recognize their potential, capabilities, and thus, channel them towards achieving business goals.


RTI has a strong foundation in digital & business areas to render expert execution and advisory services.


We have developed a unique and indigenous three-step approach designed to provide you with practical, usable information that could help to solve your obstacles. Our "Analyze, Advise, and Act" are three A's of Answers that you could just be looking for. The consulting services model answers the following types of questions:



What do I have today, and where do I want to go?

  • Products, Services, Markets and Locations
  • Financial Status
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Human Resources, Morale and Knowledge Capital
  • Current Tactical Opportunities and Plans
  • Strategic Vision



How can I get to where I want to go?

  • Alternative Courses of Action
  • Risks, Costs, Schedules and Benefits
  • Recommended Direction and Blueprint



What do I need to do to get where I want to go?

  • Master Program Plan
  • Project Plans and Milestones
  • Resource Requirements
  • Change Management Plan
  • Funding Requirements