Create Easy, Efficient Electronic Forms


E-Forms are a simple yet competent end-to-end solution that provides a secure and effective way for electronic form submission and handling, while offering a smooth user experience. That can also efficiently handle server load and offer a smooth user experience. By leveraging the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), it allows RTI to connect end users to enterprise processing systems directly without human intervention in-between. These Oracle E-Forms have replaced paper throughout businesses, leading to higher productivity and efficiency, cutting costs, time, and human resources, proving a short but effective step towards digitization.


Business processes can be complex and leveraging Oracle Integration Cloud's innovative platform with RTI's experienced IT personnel give us the capability to design and build a variety of user-facing business applications with powerful data tools and layout options. RTI creates custom E-Forms for organizations to collect information, payments, and file uploads online seamlessly, even allowing users to submit information via their mobile devices thanks to a secure encrypted algorithm that ensures user data security at both ends.