Infosys Eyes - Mobile App

Recently, we’ve demonstrated Infosys Eyes smartphone ‘mobile app’ to various government agencies, including police departments, university security offices, community awareness groups, utilities, villages/cities/towns – all have told us this solution would be a definite asset to their community!

Infosys Eyes is available to any level of organization, from the smallest village to a large county or state agency.  The mobile app would be downloaded to community users free from an ‘App Store.’  The cost to an agency is based on a sliding scale of the community’s population.  The cost covers assessment of your local needs, customization for your agency, mobile app and dashboard set-up and implementation, as well as ongoing support.  The ‘back-end’ application can be enhanced with optional services.

Infosys Eyes can serve two needs in a local community.  Infosys Eyes – Secure  to report potential criminal activity or Infosys Eyes – Inform  to report occurrences that need to be addressed.

What makes Infosys Eyes important is its ability to report, not only a picture, but the precise location (GPS coordinates), geo-fencing (an incident’s familiar location: ‘the village green’ or ‘Sea Shell Restaurant.’)  It includes over twenty (26) pieces of information, including video and text, if needed, all instantaneous!!!  And the information is given to the person that matters, the exact person you need, the exact resource – the officer on-duty, the mayor, the EMT . . . that’s why it’s important.

All eyes will be on you when you present this new tool!