i-Timesheet.com is an online time tracking and billing application that is available for companies and individual professionals. Both as a hosted service and as a licensed product, i-Timesheet.com can help businesses effectively keep track of their employee attendance and manage their projects.
Regardless of size or type of business, any company can utilize i-Timesheet.com to manage time attendance of employees working on or off site. Its flexible design enables implementation in a corporate environment with multi-level hierarchy as well as in a small business with simple project management needs.
We have integrated biometric and smart card authentication features into i-Timesheet in order to enhance the security and accuracy of our product. Through ACTAtek, i-Timesheet users can login or record their attendance using the touch of their fingers. This creates maximum control for preventing unauthorized access. It also helps recording in and out times of users accurately and in real-time. Besides fingerprint recognition, ACTAtek also utilizes smart cards and password authentication, which can be used individually or in different combinations.
For more detailed information, please visit http://www.i-timesheet.com
ACTAtek is a registered trademark of Hectrix Limited.